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In 2020, the Cyber Committee started the K-guild’s own wiki page. K-wiki is intended for the K guild where students (via CybU) can upload texts about various things and events at the Guild. Do you want to help with the development of the wiki? Send in your text! Vill du hjälpa till att fortsätta utveckla Sektionens wikisida? Skicka in din text!

The text can be a completed text or a compliment to an already existing page on the site. Corrections of inaccurate information can also be sent in here. Do not forget to check which texts already exist on the wiki so that duplicates can be avoided! Please, fill in the name and email address so that we can contact you. However, it is also okay to write anonymously.  

Note: The K-wiki is a new project and consists, at the moment, mostly of swedish articles. But we would love to receive articles in english from you anyways! The Cyber Committee will supervise and edit articles so that they follow the Guild’s guidelines. This means that:

  • Articles should not contain any information about individuals 
  • Articles should be written objectively without personal opinions
  • Articles should not contain any political opinions or descriptions
  • Articles should follow the K-Guild’s Policy for Equality Treatment

So, do write entertaining articles, but do not joke at anyone’s expense!

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