Lundakarnevalen takes place every four years and is Sweden's largest student engagement, and now it's finally every four years again! In the carnival you have the opportunity to do just about anything and above all try something you have never done before! Is this the year you learn how finances work, is this the year you'll be on stage and live out your acting dreams? The Lund Carnival takes place 20-22/5 2022 and this is absolutely nothing you want to miss!
Right now, the carnival is looking for managers for various different positions, and it's not too late to apply yet, but soon it will be, so hurry up! Otherwise, you have the opportunity to appear at the Call (Uppropet), which takes place January 30th, when the carnival goes from consisting of about 300 people to hopefully becoming 6000 excited students! Visit and follow Lundakarnevalen on facebook and instagram so you don't miss any information!"