The introduction is the first step of five amazing years at LTH and at the Guild of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology! The goal of the introduction is to make you feel at home in Lund, at LTH and in the K-guild. The introduction is stuffed with events that we hope can help you get to know your fellow classmates, older students (such as your mentors), and in this way be introduced to the studies and the student life. Competitions, parties, introduction-missions, cozy nights, study nights, dinner parties, sport events, swims in the sjøn Sjøn, flights above the strait, competitions with and against the other Guilds at LTH, and a lot more will fill your first four amazing weeks at LTH!


The introduction at the Guild of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, and at the LTH altogether, might be different from the other introductions you have experienced before. Its purpose is to welcome you as a new student, and make you feel at home! Basically: the introduction exists for your sake, to give you the best start of your time in Lund as possible! To make EVERYONE feel welcome during the introduction, there are two golden rules to be followed:

The introduction is completely voluntary for everyone involved
Tolerance and respect are important elements of the introduction


  • AF Bostäder

    AF bostäder (AF housings) is the students’ own housing agency, and many people get their first housing in Lund via them. Instantly when you get admitted, you should get in line at AF, and as a new student, you can make use of the novisch priority system, if you live outside of Scania. AF offers apartments, and maybe the most characteristic student housing - corridors! Read more on AF’s website.

  • Nations

    The nations in Lund do not only offer pubs, parties, events and weekly activities. They also offer housing, both as corridors and apartments. As a resident at a nation, you also get to hang out with other people than engineers! The easiest way to find out more and to get in line in the waiting list at the nations is to contact them directly.

  • MHK

    Michael Hansens Kollegium is not far away from LTH, and offers housing in corridors. You can get on their waiting list whenever, and you can also apply for scholarships to get your housing faster, or to pay a lower rent. More information can be found here.

  • Sublets

    Many students find their home in Lund via subletting, whether it’s an apartment, a corridor room, as a lodger, or even just a sofa to sleep on. Search in every forum you can find, but some good tips are Blocket, BoPoolen and the facebook group Lägenheter i Lund.

  • Svenska Studenthus

    Svenska studenthus (swedish student housing) offers student housing both in the new district Brunnshög, and on the Helgonagården, not far away from Kemicentrum. More information about their housing can be found at their website. Here you can also get on their waiting list.

  • LKF

    LKF offers tenancies in Lund and nearby. The waiting time is long, but the fees are low. You should get in line at LKF right now! Who knows, if you do not get housing at LKF during your study time, it can not hurt to have some queue points for future needs. More information can be found on their website. website.


As a student at the Chemistry or Biotechnology educations, you are part of the K-guild. Watch the video below to know more about what the K-guild is, and what it means to be a member (subtitles in english).


As a student at the Chemistry or Biotechnology educations, you will spend most of your time at Kemicentrum. In the video below, you will get an introduction to Kemicentrum and how it is to study here (video is in swedish).

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