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How do I become a volunteer?

Step 1 - The Nomination Committee informs!
The information lecture during this lunch will be held in Swedish, but the information in English can be found on the page for internationals on this website, or by clicking here .

Step 2 - What do you want to apply for? 
Decide what volunteer position you want to apply for by reading on the website and talk with the people who had the positions before. The volunteer mingle will take place the 3rd and 4th of October, where you can mingle with volunteers from all of the different committees!

Step 3 - Apply
Apply for the positions you are interested in by filling out the form for each position. These forms can be found on this page, and on every committees page. The forms will open on Thursday the 28th of September at 13:00, and close on Friday the 20th of October at 23:59.
Step 4 - Invitation for interview 
Get an invitation to an interview if you applied for a position which involves handling of alcohol or financial responsibility. The invitations will be sent out during week 44. All applicants are not guaranteed an interview.

Step 5 - Interview 
Go to your interview if you have one. The interviews will take place in week 44 and 45. 

Step 6 - Nominations 
The Nomination Committee will present their nominations for all positions on sunday the 12th of November.

Step 7 - Fall Guild Meeting 2
The 20th-22nd of November, The Fall Guild Meeting 2 will take place. Now all positions will be elected by the Fall Guild Meeting. If you want to candidate for a positions you were not nominated for that is fine, however it is considered polite to tell the person you are candidating against in advance, and also tell the Nomination Committee at valordf@ksek.se


How do I become a volunteer?

Steg 1 – Vad vill du söka? 
Decide what volunteer position you want to apply for by reading on the website and talk to people who have had the position before.

Steg 2 – Sök
Sök de poster du är intresserade av genom att fylla i formuläret för respektive post. Dessa hittar du på denna sida samt på varje utskotts sida. Formulären öppnar den 8 mars kl 13:00 och stänger den 22 mars 23.59.
Steg 3 – Nomineringar 
Valberedningen presenterar sina nomineringar till samtliga poster den 28 mars.

Steg 4 – Vårterminsmöte
5 april är det Vårterminsmöte. Vill du motkandidera till en post du inte blivit nominerad till går detta bra. God praxis är dock att meddela den man motkandiderar, samt valberedningen på valordf@ksek.se.


Why become a volunteer?

Getting involved in the student life of Lund is something you must not miss during your studies here! As a volunteer at the K-guild, you get to put a silver lining on everyday life of all the members of the Guild while getting the chance to meet new people, have loads of fun and learn things that neither Stryer nor Chemical Processes can teach! Pick and choose among the various committees; Do you want to organize sports events or parties, write articles for the Guild's newspaper, develop the website, work with study monitoring or learn more about business contact? Regardless of interest and how little or how much time you want to spend, there is something for everyone!

What does it mean to be a volunteer?

As a volunteer, you're a member in one of the committees of the section, who are interested in exactly the same things as you! In the section we're about 160 members in 18 different sections. The work is different, based on which committee you are in, but generally you meet once a week, to plan work and events during the year. Some committees have a more even workload during the year while others have an short intensive period. You can read more about the different committees on the committee pages.

Apply to become a guild volunteer here!

We are the Nomination Committee

We are the Nomination Committee 2023. We are 12 happy students from different years and classes who will do our very best to make sure that the election process is as fair as possible. If you have any questions, please come talk to us, or email us: valordf@ksek.se

Tips from the Nomination Committee

1) For almost all volunteer positions, you do not need to have any prior knowledge at all. What distinguishes between the candidates is therefore how much they know about the position they are applying for. Therefore, be sure to read on the website and talk to those who have had position before so that you know what you are getting into!

2) Be as specific as you can when answering questions in forms and in interviews. Everyone can say they are good at something, so give examples!

In the picture: Anna Falkland, Josefine Raväng, Astrid Leffler, Saga Jarlson, Agnes Sjögren, Elsa Persson Skansjö, Annie Ottosson, Elin Hallin, Linnea Olsson, Jennie Bellner, Irma Håkansson, Miriam Mahmood.


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