Running and strength training with IdrU

Hi K-Guild!

It’s time for the The Sports Committee 2021 to present the first running and outdoor strength training event of the year! A good opportunity to meet up and exercise together in these stagnant times.


Wednesdays 18.00 (..) START 10/2.


Running: Outdoor gym near the AK-park

Outdoor strength training: Sankt Hans (We will meet for a quick warm up by Elite Hotel Ideon)

The event will have a maximum of 8 participants including the members of The Sports Committee and we will keep good distance to each other. The outdoor training will begin with a shorter run. There's already an application form in the calendar at the K-guilds website where you can reserve a spot for one of the events. First come first served! More groups can be added if the demand increases.

Put on some warm clothes and come workout with The Sports Committee!