Lunch Lecture with iGEM

The Study Committee welcomes you to a lunch lecture with iGEM Lund to showcase how you as a student can compete in the world championship in synthetic biology.
By the end of each year, students from hundreds of universities gather to compete with projects they’ve been working on throughout the year. Teams develop projects aiming to solve crucial global challenges; for examples, students have worked on projects related to treating diseases, environmental bioremediation, new drug delivery systems, production of valuable chemicals and biopharmaceuticals, food and alternative energy sources using synthetic biology.
The project is multidisciplinary and students from various backgrounds get to work with:
- Lab work applying genetic engineering techniques within fields such as metabolic engineering, protein engineering, molecular biology and biochemistry.
- Mathematical modeling to simulate the behavior of biological systems
– Produktutveckling
- Project management
- Marketing, communication and PR
- Art and graphic design
- Web development
- International collaboration with other universities
Does the idea of being part of a scientific project from start to finish sound exciting? Do you want to gain experience and develop your skills in gene technology, mathematical modeling, management, web design, communication, or maybe all of the above? Do you want to meet like-minded people from all over the world?
iGEM Lund is now looking for people interested in joining the 2021 team. New for this year is that registration to iGEM Lund 2021 is done by applying for the 15 credit course in synthetic biology for LTH students. During this lunch lecture, representatives from the 2020 team will enlighten you about iGEM, the course in synthetic biology and our project PROTECTO.
Zoom-link will be posted in the event the same day.
The first 50 to register for the lunch lecture will receive a gift card at Grönt och Gott. Register here: