Apply to become a Member of the working group K at Science Village

What will happen with our education in the future?

Ever since the development of MAX IV discussions and preliminary plans have been formed regarding a move of parts of our education to Brunnshög. What parts of our education and to what extent such a move would encompass is not fully concluded. The whole moving process is in its very early stages and many important are yet to be made.

What does the time frame look like?

According to the previous principal of LTH, Viktor Öwall, a move could commence as soon as in seven to nine years. However, a concrete plan is not made yet. All the different institutions must first make decisions about their view on a potential move and then plans have to be fully formalized before any move can commence.

What can we students do?

The entire bureaucratic process is large, and each instance must provide their opinions regarding the move. One of these instances are us students that can provide our opinions through the guild. In the group K at Science Village, we gather the K-guilds opinions and work with eventual developments within the subject. For example, we work with our future places of study, connections, and much more. If you apply for the position you can contribute to ensuring that the K-guilds opinions on the matter get formalized as well as getting a deeper understanding of how the different instances work with each other.


If this sounds like something you want to do then you can candidate for the position during the next protocol meeting this Monday (6/9) by contacting If you have any further questions, you can contact us at