Excelkurser med Learnesy

Efter höstens lyckade samarbete lanserar vi nu en ny möjlighet för medlemmarna att få Excelutbildning med onlinekursföretaget Learnesy!

Apply to become a Member of the working group K at Science Village

Apply to become a Member of the working group K at Science Village!

Apply to Coordinator of ARKAD

Coordinator Application for ARKAD has now re-opened! Last day to apply is 19th of May.


Trippidy trappidy trull, soon the family will be full. It is time to apply to KRUT!


We are KRUT and we are a newly started project group that will plan trips with the K-guild.

Picknick-basket with KM

Celebrate the arrival of spring with a picknick-basket from the cafeteria committee!

Her Tech Future-mentor

I år kommer Her Tech Future arrangeras digitalt den 24–26 mars. Nu behöver vi faddrar som kan hjälpa oss att visa upp sektionen och LTH.

Running and strength training with IdrU

It’s time for the The Sports Committee 2021 to present the first running and outdoor strength training event of the year! A good opportunity to meet up and exercise together in these stagnant times.

Contribute to Druiden and Orbitalen

Are you looking for a way to reach out to the other members of the Guild? If so, send letters to the editors of the magazine Druiden and the newspaper Orbitalen!

Do you want to be summoned for Board and Guild meetings?

If you want to be summoned via mail for the Board meetings and Guild meetings then use the link in the post and fill in the form!