To the page for the internationals of the K-guild!


    To the page for the internationals at the K-guild!

Who to contact as an international

There are several people who you can contact with questions about your courses, student life in Lund, or anything you have on your mind.

The World Masters Esmeralda Wolrath and Emelie Stenberg are responsible for making events for the international students, and they are happy to help you with anything you need, or at least know who you should talk to. They can be contacted via E-mail to vm@ksek.se.

World master

Esmeralda Wolrath


World master

Emelie Stenberg


The international coordinators

The international coordinators at LTH are your best friends in Lund as an international student. They can help you with everything from how to plan your studies or how to transfer study credits, to practical questions concerning things such as housing, residence permits, and tuition fees. You can find the international coordinators in the house “Kårhuset” at campus, and it’s advised to book a meeting rather than showing up unannounced.

International coordinator for master students

Cecilia Nilsson


+46 46 222 97 22

International coordinator for exchange students

Carl-Johan Andersson


+46 46 222 15 11

The master programme directors

The Directors of the different master programmes are more than happy to answer your academic questions. If you have trouble choosing your courses or if you want to know what a specific course will teach you, the master programme directors are the people you should talk to!

Master programme in Biotechnology

Rajni Hatti Kaul


Master programme in Pharmaceutical Technology: Discovery, Development and Production

Jenny Schelin


Master programme in Food Technology and Nutrition

Federico Gomez


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